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Kuumba Collective was established in 2018 to bring creativity to the forefront of problem-solving and solution-finding.  We are a collective of socially-minded creative masterminds with the mission to disrupt status-quo, redesign harmfully ineffective systems, and create transformative impact through holistic, humanistic, and healing strategy, planning, and action, so that at-promise communities can operate at their full social, economic, and mental potential.

We honor the wisdom, knowledge, resources, and skills of our community and strive to work collaboratively and creatively with organizations and individuals to bring about beneficial and substantial social and economic change for the community.


Our logo includes the Ananse Ntontan, an Adinkra Symbol of wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life. Kuumba Collective understands the complexities of an entrepreneur's, a business owner's, and a non-profit leader’s life and aims to bring creativity to the organizational forefront while fostering and elevating the collective. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in training & facilitation; program development; organizational development; and uplifting the community.

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Swahili word for “creativity”; "to do always as much as we can in the way that we can in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than when we inherited it."

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Representing many individuals; cooperative enterprise; belonging or relating to all members of a group


“The Client is the Expert”. We believe our clients and community hold a wealth of knowledge that can be used to maximize potential and success. Kuumba Collective puts the client at the center of the decision making and tailor our services to fit their needs.


We engage in evidence-based practice:


Our Client’s Expertise


Our Expertise


Best Available Research, Tools, Frameworks


Change does not come when one is comfortable, but when one is challenged and made uncomfortable. We aim to challenge “business as usual” thinking - draw out, develop, and enhance the creativity of your organization.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle. We take on a collaborative approach to the work that we do, gaining input and feedback from our collaborative partners (clients) at every step of the way.


We deliberately curate client experiences and work plans in order to empower clients to disrupt “business as usual”- paying attention to detail, practicing mindfulness, and giving feedback.


We value quality over quantity. We strive to set the standard in our industry. We set high expectations for our teams and clients - and go above and beyond to make sure the expectations are met.

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Our Credentials

Kuumba Collective is a certified  City of Minneapolis Target Market small business and a certified Small, Woman, and Minority Business Enterprise (S/W/MBE) through the Central Certification Program (CERT) sponsored by Hennepin County, Ramsey County, the City of Minneapolis, and the City of Saint Paul.

We are proud members of the Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce & the Cultural Intelligence Consortium.


We hold credentials in Women's Entrepreneurship & Youth Mental Health First Aid.  

Passionate Team

Meet the people that fuel the passion.

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